Terms & Conditions

Shelly’s Curtain And Craft website is owned and operated by Shelly’s Curtain And Craft.  By completing the registration process and completing a transaction, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Shelly’s Curtain And Craft maintains the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and any amendment will become effective immediately.

Shelly’s Curtain And Craft endeavours to ensure that the item description and other information about the products on this website are accurate, current and complete; Shelly’s Curtain And Craft will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate, incomplete or out of date information on this website.

 In this section, we hope to answer your questions. If, after reviewing this section, your question is still not answered,

please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have. We will have a response back to you ASAP during normal working hours (Monday - Friday 9.am to 5:00pm, A.E.S.T.).


1. When will I get my order?

Most orders are shipped within 24 - 36 hours [unless there are items out of stock or delay in stock arrival at our distribution facilities] and are then delivered to most capital city locations within 3-5 days and to most regional areas within 5-7 days.
All products and services must paid for in full before shipment or collection. 

If paying by bank transfer and using a different bank to that of Shelly’s curtains and craft, please allow up to 48 hours for funds to be deposited in our account.


 2. Do you ship C.O.D. (Cash on delivery) or PayPal?

No, we do not offer COD shipments but we do offer the ease of direct deposit from your bank to ours. When you order we will email you our banking details. We are also very happy to announce that we now accept PayPal, including PayPal Express Checkout. Please view our 'Payment Options' page for all of our payment options.





3. How do I check the status of my order?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email with a copy of your order and your order number. When your order is shipped we also send you another email with all shipping details including your Australia Post tracking code. You can use this Tracking Code to see the progress of your order delivery from when it is sent from our distribution centre to when it arrives at your door. Click here to go to the Australia Post Parcel Tracking page.

You may contact our Customer Support if you believe there has been some delay in receiving your order. Please be sure to include your Order Number when you contact us.

If for any reason we need more information from you, we will contact you.



4. What are your shipping costs?
Shellys Curtains And Craft deliver anywhere in Australia via Australia Post. The charge varies depending on the total weight of the order and on the dimensions of the products and whether you prefer standard parcel post or Express Post. Indicate on the order form if you wish the order to be sent Express

Within Australia: Express Post

Under 500gm Satchel -  $10.55, (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 355 x 220mm)

500gm to 3kg Satchel - $14.80, (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 4050 x 310mm)

3kg to 5kg Satchel -  $23.60, (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 510 x 435mm)

Over 5kg – Contact us for a quote.

Within Australia: Parcel Post

Up to 500g - $8.25 (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 355 x 220mm)

Over 500g to 3 kg $13.40 (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 405mm x 310mm)
Over 3 kg to 5 kg $16.70 (providing the order will fit into an Australia Post Satchel 510 x 435mm)

Over 5kg - Contact us for a quote



5. What are your minimums?

On our website, each item description will state if there is a minimum or if you can purchase the items individually.




 6. How do you handle Out of Stock Items

Shellys Curtain and Craft makes every effort to ensure we have ample stock of all products available at all times. However, it is sometimes impossible to predict demand and unforeseeable delivery delays from suppliers. This occasionally leads to some items being out of stock.

All orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. It is possible that you may place an item in your shopping cart as it is in stock but when it gets to our Distribution Facilities it is out of stock. While we make every effort to have sufficient quantities available of all products to prevent this from occurring, sometimes it is beyond our control.

If the out of stock item is due to be replenished within three working days we will hold your order until the item is received before posting.

If the out of stock item is not expected within three working days we will ship your order and you will need to reorder at a later date. Unfortunately due to the need for timely processing of all customer orders we are unable to hold back your order and advise you of any out of stock items prior to shipping.

Shelly's Curtain and Craft reserves the right without liability or prior notice to revise, discontinue or cease to make available any or all products or to cancel any order for any reason whatsoever.



7. Pricing

All prices are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without prior notice. At Shellys Curtain and Craft we aim to keep our prices as low as we can, and pass all savings onto you our Customers.



8. Do you ship internationally?

Shellys Curtain and Craft is an Australian owned company and we only ship to locations within Australia.


9. What Customer Support help do you offer?

Customer support is very important to us and our goal is to provide fair and timely customer support for every customer. If you are unhappy with any products please contact us so we can arrange a replacement, refund, or other appropiate resolution. Please be assured we will work with you to find an equitable solution in the event of a problem.



10. Do you have a "real" store or Showroom?

We are a retail store with a showroom. You are welcome to visit our showroom. You can find the address of our showroom on the Contact Us Page.


11. Do you have a Catalogue?

Many customers inquire as to whether or not we have a catalogue. Since our inventory is so large and changes weekly it would be impossible to update in printed form. We like to think of our webstore as a virtual catalogue. The majority of our products can be displayed with a picture, price and description, should you require more information on a product feel free to contact our Customer Service

 Colour Fidelity
Due to the nature of internet delivery, we cannot warrant the accuracy or suitability of any colours in this or any other web site.


12. Do you sell wholesale?

We do not sell wholesale. Shellys Curtain and Craft is a retailer and does not offer wholesale pricing. We do offer discounts on some bulk purchases. Contact Customer Support to see if this option is available for your particular purchase.



13. Is Shellys Curtains and Craft a secure site?

shellyscurtainsandcraft.com is very concerned about site security on the Internet today. That is why we have made sure that we have followed and surpassed all industry standards necessary for a secure site. These include encrypting all data that you give to us, processing your credit card information in a safe and responsible manner, and not sharing any information that has been given to us by you, our customers.

In line with our strict security policy we also offer a wide range of payment options including Bank Transfer, Pay Pal, Cheque, Money Order, and even the option to 'Call us with Card Details', where you can finalise your order and call us with your credit card number.

We want you to feel confident when ordering from shellyscurtainsandcraft.com and we are doing everything we can to continue to operate a secure site. If you have any other questions concerning site security, please feel free to e-mail us at Customer Service.



14. When is my Credit Card processed?

When you place an order, your credit card is charged at the time of purchase. All credit card transactions are processed securely by EWAY or PayPal and no card details are stored on the internet. We take transaction security very seriously.



15. What is your return policy?

 Please choose carefully; fabric ordered and cut to a specific length cannot be returned,(patterns are not returnable).

Goods found to have manufacturing defects will be replaced. All claims must be approved for return prior to the return of the goods. Claims for faulty stock must be reported to Shelly's Curtain and Craft within three (3) days of the receipt of the order.

Any discrepancy (pricing, quantity, taxes etc) should be reported to us immediately. This will ensure prompt corrective action on our part. A copy of the relevant invoice must accompany returned items.

All items returned are subject to individual inspection. Any item found not to be our product or not showing a manufacturing defect will not be allowed.

The customer is responsible for the return of faulty goods to us, including any costs incurred in the return of such goods. Shelly's Curtain and Craft can not accept any liability for damage or loss of goods returned to us whilst in transit. Any returns arriving COD or collect will be refused. We do not credit shipping and handling charges of merchandise either to or from Shelly's Curtain and Craft.

For returns where the Product is subject to a change of mind and has been unused and unopened you may return it to us, however a re-stocking fee of 20% will apply. If the goods were sent under 'Free Shipping' the original freight cost will be recovered by Shelly's Curtain and Craft and deducted from the store credit. To qualify for this return policy you must comply with the directions for returning the Product that Shelly's Curtain and Craft staff provide to You.

If you have any questions about the return of your item, please e-mail us or call 07 4661 5161 . Be sure to include your order number and e-mail address with any correspondence.



 16. Where are you located?

We are located in Queensland, Australia.

Our distribution and showroom address is:


      WARWICK, QLD 4370

Telephone Number: 07 4661 5161



17. Will I have to pay GST on my order?

All prices shown on this website include Goods and Services Tax (GST).



18. Can I save items to order at a later date?

Yes! if you wish to save individual items you can select the Wish List option. Click Here for Wish List Login If you wish to save your whole order to continue again at a later date you can select the Save Order option. Click Here to Go to your Saved Cart



19. Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We understand that our customers are concerned with privacy, so we have initiated policies to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. We collect customer information in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to communicate to you about our products, services, contests or promotions.

From time to time, we will send informational e-mails to you concerning Shelly's Curtain and Craft information only. These could be specials, contest information or short messages containing information that we think you would want to know. We also share some basic shipping details with Australia Post for the sole purpose delivering your order, and allowing you to track your parcel on its journey to your door.

If at any time you wish to stop receiving these e-mails, we give you the option to remove your name from our mailing list with one easy step. We will NOT sell, rent or share your e-mail address or personal details with a third party. We understand that this information is private and will handle it in a responsible manner.



20. All About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are written to a user's hard disk by their web browser. Cookies cannot contain a virus and are often used by a web server as your ID or to remember what you looked at on your last visit. You get the cookie on your first visit to the site. After that site can read the cookie to identify a user.





  21. I am having trouble clicking to the next page?

If you are having trouble clicking to the next page in the shopping cart, or if your page keeps coming up saying "shopping cart empty", or "an error occured please restart shopping" this may be caused by your 'cookies' being set to 'off'.

You can re-set your cookies by following the steps below.
If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0:



  1. Choose Tools, then
  2. Internet Options.
  3. Click the Privacy tab,
  4. Default setting is medium. Move the slider to determine which setting you prefer.
  5. You can also click on Advanced for specialized cookie treatment.

If you're using Internet Explorer 5.0:

  1. Choose Tools, then
  2. Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab,
  4. Click Internet, then Custom Level.
  5. Scroll down to Cookies and choose one of the two options.



If you are using Firefox: click here

If you have further trouble please contact us here or call us on 0746615161





  22.Using Gift Certificates

Using your gift certificate is easy:



  1. Visit our Web site.
  2. Select the items you want.
  3. When you have selected the items you want, hit the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. You can redeem your gift certificate by entering its Gift Number on the order form.
  4. REMEMBER: Always enter the word 'Gift' when you enter your certificate ie: Gift-1010010-1234

    You can also print Gift Certificates to give as a gift,